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We’re aboard the Anuga Choo-Choo!

TradeScope is excited to finally be attending trade shows in person once again – and what a show our first one will be! It’s Anuga, perhaps the leading global trade fair for the food and beverage industry. It’s a broad-based, massive show as anyone in the industry will know. According to the organisers: Ten trade shows under one roof provide orientation, connect supply and demand, and offer diverse taste experiences. With its finger on the pulse of cutting-edge developments, Anuga will show the industry the way forward with a host of creative concepts and innovative products. We can’t wait.

Here is TradeScope’s low-down:

• Anuga takes place 9 – 13 October in Cologne.

• Ted Horton will be attending on Saturday 9 October.

• Jörg Van Wershofen will be there on Monday 11 October.

• Ted will also be attending Bar Convent Berlin (cocktails and spirits) on all 3 days (try keeping him away!).

Anuga logo image to illustrate article.

We’d love to get together with you there to talk all things food and beverage, so please contact Ted Horton in the UK or Jörg Van Wershofen in Germany if you’d like to meet up.


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