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Food and Bev buyers take time to smell the roses

The biennial Euroflora trade show takes place from 23 April to 5 May in Genoa at the beautiful Parks of Nervi. This spectacular show features exhibitors from all over the globe and regularly entertains around 250,000 visitors - many of whom are there to do business at the food and beverage stands.

The food and beverage exhibitors generally represent those products that rely on flower and fruit ingredients. For instance, there are spirits whose flavours are derived from infusions of herbs and flowers, as well as fruit-derived drinks and natural foods such as dried fruits and nuts. The variety of foods and beverages on offer is quite wide considering that this is primarily a flower show, with biscuits, honey, sweets and sauces all figuring strongly.

Among the other foods you can expect to see and taste are:

  • butchers' fine and speciality meats

  • street food with fish, focacce, ice cream

  • wine

  • aromatic herbs

  • chilli peppers

  • bistro burgers

  • steakhouses

TradeScope’s Marina Midali will be at the show, and if you’d like to meet up with her there to discuss making contacts in the Italian food and beverage industry, you can contact Marina here.


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