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Food & Bev shows are back big time!

TradeScope's Ted Horton was at IFE 2022 and his feedback was that things seemed more or less back to normal on the trade show front. He says that IFE at London ExCel was very busy and that the vibe was, well, vibrant and that were was lots of foot traffic. Also, while COVID case numbers are reasonably high in the UK, not many people wearing masks.

In keeping with the get-back-to-business-as-normal times, TradeScope Ted, as we now call him, will be at the Natural and Organic Products Europe show next week and BrewLDN beer Festival (both at London ExCel in early May); those 2 shows promise to match IFE 2022 for footfall and enthusiasm.

If you'd like to catch up with Ted at either or both of those trade shows, please drop him a line here and touching base will ensue.

Alternatively, if you'd like to know more about Ted's opinions of IFE 2022, drop him a line to that effect.


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