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Unlock European food and beverage markets

Food and beverage producers seeking to enter the UK and EU markets without wasted effort and the most accurate information need look no further than TradeScope. If you’re such a producer, you may be wondering where your product should be best placed and even whether any of your existing packaging will sit comfortably on European shop shelves. Not too comfortably, mind you, we do want you to stand out. Obviously, a critical first step before considering entering any market is a solid survey, something which we provide for our clients as a matter of course.

The key for our clients is that we possess in-depth retail knowledge of the EU and UK markets. We also have a wealth of experience marketing and placing those products precisely in their sweet spots. Let’s shoot just some of our best bullet points at you. For instance, we can:

• Provide accurate competitor analyses (price, packaging, quality) in different channels • Identify your ideal value chains • Provide you with a comprehensive Category and Distribution Channels Overview • Advise on import and labelling requirements • Tailor our offer to your specific requirements We’d say those all hit the bullseye. If you’d like to know more, contact Ted in the U.K. and/or Jörg in Germany. They’ll point you in the right direction and help you place your product there.


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