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Sweet deals on Bard Valley Medjool dates

Bard Valley Date Growers (BVDG) is one of the biggest Medjool date growers internationally with growing and packing operations in Arizona, California and Mexico.

TradeScope is promoting BVDG in the U.K. and mainland Europe and we can fully endorse their reputation for quality, reliability and rapid responsiveness. Their date packing plants in Arizona and Mexico have GFSI PrimusGFS certification and the BVDG orchards are Global GAP certified. Their Medjools are also halal and kosher certified. In addition, they follow best practices for worker welfare and social accountability. In short, BVDG is a classy outfit you can depend on for a consistent supply of top quality Medjools at excellent prices. 

Bard Valley Date Growers Medjool dates being harvested

BVDG currently supplies major retailers in the US and the UK, including Walmart, Costco and Tesco. They also supply dates to distributors and retailers around Europe and are seeking to build on that business.

So, if you’re a European importer or retailer of Medjool dates, you really should investigate the BDVG deals we have on offer. Please contact Ted Horton here for more info.


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