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Set up a EU subsidiary the easy way

It seems that the UK government has itself been advising UK companies to set up subsidiaries in the EU to bypass Brexit red tape which is currently making cross-border trade very difficult.

All this at a time when countries such as the UK and France, who allowed some slack in the system until companies became accustomed to the trading changes wrought by Brexit, are due to tighten up on regulations. This month, France will reinforce border controls with immediate effect, while the UK’s grace period on EU imports is due to end in April and July, when a whole raft of new controls on imports will come into being. Accountancy firm KPMG said some of the “biggest headaches” facing traders are yet to come.

For many years, TradeScope has been helping North American food and beverage producers export to the EU. Now that the UK is out of the EU there are two separate markets for American producers to worry about - but with offices in the U.K. and Germany and representatives in France, we are very well placed to help North American companies create UK and European offices quickly and efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves. All our knowledge demonstrates that a local presence serves as the best foundation for sales and marketing activity

– and it also validates credibility and commitment to customers and prospects.

If you’d like to know more about how TradeScope can help you trade with the UK and/or the EU, contact Ted Horton here. He has his finger on the pulses.


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