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No trade shows? No problem.

Trade show cancellations boost online marketing in food & beverage sector

Photo of woman working on laptop to illustrate article on online marketing

As we reported at the end of March, the coronavirus outbreak resulted in a an avalanche of trade show cancellations and as the trade show marketing channel was suddenly cut off, marketers scrambling to find alternatives for getting their messages out. Lockdowns, travel restraints and the need for social distancing made online marketing an obvious answer to marketers’ problems. 

Since March, of course, the pandemic spread rapidly and with devastating effect to both lives and businesses. In our March post (which you can read here), we mentioned that particular attention was being paid to content marketing and digital conferencing. By now, we’re all aware of Zoom conferencing and how working from home and having an online presence and capability have become vital for companies to network, market and sell their products.

How TradeScope has been helping clients Increasingly, we’ve been using expertise in online marketing built up over the past decade on behalf of our clients. Specifically, we’ve focused on generating demand for US food and beverage producers’ products in European markets. The pandemic’s closure of the trade show marketing channel simply increased our focus on digital lead-generation channels. If you’d like to know more about TradeScope’s online marketing service, please contact Ted Horton here.


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