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Medjool dates from the USA gain traction in Europe

Delicious Medjool dates from the USA are a growing presence in European retail outlets. We find them so delicious and versatile we reckon they should be called Medjewels ;-)

What Are Medjool Dates?

The Medjool date is one of the most popular of 1,500+ different date varieties. They're known for their large size, soft texture and rich flavour. They originated in Morocco but have since found their way to other countries, including the western United States (in the 1940s), which today produces some of the finest Medjools in the world. 

When you buy a pack of Medjool dates you’re actually buying fresh fruit. Most people think of dates as a dried fruit because they’re thinking of the dates you buy in the baking aisle. In fact, Medjool dates are actually harvested from the date palm, cleaned, sorted and packaged right away. Which is why they’ll be found in the fresh produce section of a food store. They are sometimes sold dried but not dehydrated, which makes them soft and sticky. Dried Medjool dates are even sweeter due to their concentrated sugars.


Medjool dates have a rich, almost caramel-like taste and a soft, chewy texture whereas regular dates, commonly called Deglet Noor, are usually smaller and sweeter.

Growing Medjool dates is a labour-intensive. It takes around 7 years for a tree to begin producing fruit. It’s indicative of date growers' veneration of their fruit that they call their growing areas date ‘gardens' or ‘groves', not ‘fields'.


Date palm planation in the USA
Medjool date harvesting in North America

Medjool dates are a healthy option. They contain natural sugar but have a low/medium glycemic index score, mainly due to their high fibre content. As such, the release of carbohydrates is slow and produces sustained energy. They’re also low in fat and full of nutrients like potassium (50% more potassium by weight than a banana), copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, niacin, calcium, iron and vitamin K.


The best US Medjool dates are are never treated with pesticides as the desert-like climate in which the date palms grow doesn’t allow insects or pests to survive so it’s not necessary. They are also additive-free and there are organically-grown Medjools available.

Tradescope is currently promoting a Medjool date brand from the North America into Europe. For more info about our Medjools, please contact Ted Horton here.

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