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ISM Cologne 2021 cancelled

Alas! TradeScope's Jörg van Wershofen has been advised that ISM Cologne 2021 has been cancelled. Only a few weeks ago the organisers were confident that the show would indeed go on. Sadly, it was not to be. Only a month ago, the organisers were confident that ISM Cologne 2021 could take place but as the pandemic situation worsened significantly almost everywhere in November, with record numbers of infections and new lockdowns in a host of countries, many exhibitors had to cancel their participation. As a result, they had to cancel the show and the next ISM Cologne will only take place from 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2022. You can read all about it here.

To make matters worse, the planned digital format Matchmaking 365+ will not happen either. Apparently, participants will benefit from all the technical innovations that were ready for launch in

ISM Cologne 2021 has been cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic.

2021, including the NUNAV system for controlling the logistics of construction and travel for the trade fair, as well as options for managing visitor flows via an app.

As we said back in October, any trade show planned for 2021 would be subject to the whim of Covid-19 and so it has proved for ISM Cologne 2021.

TradeScope will keep you abreast of other trade fair news as it happens. As always, you're welcome to contact Ted Horton for more information or to discuss any food and beverage related issues.


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