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INC 2020 goes online with webinars

The INC Chairman, Michael Waring, has invited all of us who hold the dried fruit and nut world dear to participate in the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council’s INC Webinar Series in early June 2020. Led by a panel of experts, these working groups will provide insightful debates and discussions on each product and the state of the industry. TradeScope’s Ted Horton visited the Seville event in May 2017 and found it quite remarkable, with an impressive complement of all the best people in dried fruit and nuts. You can read about his findings here.

The INC 2020 webinars last between 45 minutes and an hour. You can get all the info you need and register online here:

Sadly, as at time of posting, several 2020 webinars have already taken place, namely:

Almonds Webinar - June 1 Walnuts Webinar - June 2

Pistachios Webinar - June 3 Dried Cranberries, Raisins, & Prunes Webinar - June 4 Macadamias Webinar - June 5

Happily, though, there are still some goodies to come:

Peanuts Webinar - June 8 @ 09.00 EST / 18.30 CET Chaired by Louise McKerchar, Vice President, European Marketing Director,  American Peanut Council, USA.

Dried Apricots, Figs, & Dates Webinar - June 8 @ 11.00 EST / 17.00 CET Chaired by Guillaume Pagy, General Manager, Pagysa, Turkey.

Cashews Webinar - June 9 @ 09.00 EST / 18.30 CET Chaired by Hari Nair, President, Western India Cashew Company, India.

Hazelnuts Webinar - June 10 @ 09.00 EST / 18.30 CET Chaired by Ufuk Özongun, Board Member, Istanbul Exporters' Association, Turkey.

Pine Nuts Webinar - June 11 @ 09.00 EST / 18.30 CET Chaired by Wim Leeuwenburgh, Managing Director, Rhumveld Winter and Konijn BV, Netherlands.

Brazil Nuts Webinar - June 11 @ 11.00 EST / 17.00 CET Chaired by David Rosenblatt, President, The Richard Franco Agency, USA.

Pecans Webinar - June 12 @ 09.00 EST / 18.30 CET

Chaired by David Rosenblatt, President, The Richard Franco Agency, USA. TradeScope regularly organises trade missions to the most productive dried fruit and nut regions of the western United States. Contact Ted Horton ( to learn more about what have been very successful trips for both producers and buyers in the past.


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