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Anuga 2021 is buzzing!

As you can see from this photo of opening day at Anuga, it's like we were never away. There are very few empty stands despite the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. In fact, it all feels pretty normal here which is extraordinary given the circumstances.

Image of entrance to Anuga 2021

It's a Saturday, so foot traffic is not heavy, but exhibitors are looking forward to a bumper Monday and Tuesday when trade visitors usually pitch up in force.

Getting into Germany and the show wasn't really an issue for most people – Americans must be fully vaccinated and present a negative Covid test, while the British need only show proof of vaccination (no tests required). The US pavilion is staffed by Americans, so everything is pretty normal on that front.

Watch this space for more feedback from the show and if you're there today and would like to meet up with TradeScope's man of the moment, Ted Horton, drop him a line here.


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