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Access to the German grocery market

The biennial Anuga trade fair is less than 3 weeks away, and TradeScope's man in Germany, Jörg van Wershofen, will be walking the show with a view to building European sales for international food and beverage brands. More than 7,400 companies from 107 countries exhibited at Anuga in Cologne in 2017 where it cemented its status as the world's most important business platform for food and beverages with 7,405 exhibitors and about 165,000 visitors. That year, the show featured a major contingent of dried fruit and nuts suppliers from the U.S.

Photo of Anuga Food Fair 2017 - Copyright of Anuga

Typically, the main focus was on new products and innovations – including food and beverages rich in protein, new products on the theme "superfoods" and many new ready-to-go/ready-to-eat ideas. Sustainable concepts as well as organic products were in high demand, as well as vegetarian and vegan ones. Alternative sources of protein such as insects were the subject of intense discussion in the media back then. Anuga is not for every type of food or beverage producer but it can provide valuable exposure to distributors and retailers from many different European countries. With TradeScope behind you, you can be sure that you'll meet the right people. Ted Horton and Jörg van Wershofen will be representing TradeScope at Anuga on the 7th and 8th October. If you'd like to meet up for a chat please, please drop Ted or Jörg a line here.

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