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Gluten-free keeps on rising

According to a fascinating article in The Guardian, there was a 27% rise in sales of 'free-from' foods in 2017. Of course, gluten-free is the cornerstone of that market and we've all seen the ranks of gluten-free products swell on our supermarket shelves over the past few years – helped, not unsurprisingly, by the examples of high profile celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Novac Djokovic and lately influential British food writer, Ella Woodward.

The article goes on to interrogate the whole basis of the rise of the gluten-free 'movement' and hypothesises why grains we've been eating, apparently without major ill effects, for around 14,000 years suddenly have become too hard to digest for a lot of us.

Whatever the whys and the wherefores, one thing is for sure – gluten-free and free-from food producers are on to a good thing as sales continue to climb due to a wide variety of factors. Remember, if you are such a producer and you wish to break into the European market, talk to us – we won't let you go off half-baked (ouch).

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