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A good field sales rep is an invaluable asset

TradeScope is all about building food and drink brands in Europe.

One tool which should not be underestimated is hiring your own field sales rep. If you invest time and money in finding the right person, you will acquire a committed brand ambassador who will passionately communicate your brand story and convert shoppers and (all-important) managers. A standard 3-hour sampling should raise store sales from 6–8 units to 25–40 units. And you will have had meaningful brand communication with each of those shoppers, all of whom may go on to be unpaid brand ambassadors for you in their turn.

Sampling works, but it works much better when you employ your own sales rep to do the sampling. With your own rep, you have someone who knows the product USPs inside out, and is thereforeable to have meaningful exchanges with shoppers.

If you'd like to learn more about how to find that vital field sale rep, contact Ted Horton at TradeScope.

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