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Whiskey v Whisky goes Live in London this week!

This difference in the spelling comes from the differing translations of the word from the Scottish (without the "e") and Irish (with the "e") Gaelic forms. Scotch whisky is always spelled without the 'e', making the plural "whiskies". Canada and Japan usually go with the "whisky" spelling as well.

Irish whiskey is always spelled with an 'e'. This 'e' was taken to the United States by Irish immigrants in the 1700s and has been used there ever since. The plural of this version is "whiskeys". But to make it more confusing, American distilleries sometimes usually spell with an 'e', but some choose to use the Scottish form without the "e".

Whisky Live is a good regional show for companies wanting to impress UK distributors, retailers and cocktail bars.

TradeScope is supporting a number of US distilleries at the show. We have helped to organise their stands, and we are setting up meetings with leading distributors and retailers.

Both whisky and whiskey will be on offer at the Whisky Live trade show in London this week (23–24 March).

Whisky/whiskey in all its guises is the main offering at the show but other spirits are also on show.

TradeScope provides support to US distilleries to help them get established in Europe. We are exhibiting at Whisky Live in London this month and at Bar Convent in Berlin in October, of which more nearer the time.

If you want to meet up at one of these shows, drop us a line. The drinks are on us!

(Photo courtesy of Whisky Live)

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