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TradeScope + Trade Shows = Success

TradeScope's job is to connect European buyers with North American producers. We can do this because we have the contacts and skills to establish substantive sales in Europe quickly and cost-effectively.

Our extensive network of contacts enables us to help you achieve mutually agreed objectives. And we usually bring home the gravy, as our track record shows.

We’ve developed our extensive database of European buyers because we network tirelessly in the industry – attending, for instance, more than 25 European trade shows a year (220 so far and counting).

Whether exhibiting or visiting, trade shows are a critical way for us to keep our contact, company and product interest data fresh and up to date. Our team visits a wide range of food and non-food shows throughout Europe.

TradeScope can help producers set up and man an exhibition stand or we can bring the right buyers to you. To find out more about our offering, contact Ted Horton.

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