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Fruit Logistica is jam-packed

Fruit Logistica is in full swing this week. Berlin's restaurants and hotels are bursting at the seams during the largest food produce trade show in the world.

The show is enormous and very busy. There is a steady flow of foot traffic coming by the stands. Visitors are very much international, including importers, retailers and brokers from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Compared to previous years, the US Pavilion is small this year. EU sales of USA apples and pears are still suffering because of the EU has banned a number of chemicals commonly used for production and post harvest in the US. As a consequence, some of the US trade associations have scaled down their presence at the show.

Fruit Logistica is a must-attend for anyone wanting to impress the fresh produce community.

If you'd like some more firsthand knowledge about the show, please contact Ted Horton.

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