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U.S. craft ale is not small beer

One of TradeScope's areas of expertise in the food and beverage industry is craft beer.

TradeScope numbers well-positioned craft beer distributors in the UK and other European countries among its key contacts. We've built our relationships and knowledge base in the industry over many years.

TradeScope has had success assisting a number of US breweries exhibiting at European trade shows. At one of these, we introduced a US brewery to a UK distributor and the brewery is now exporting a container per month using one-way kegs.

US craft beers have been finding favor in the European market these past few years. Many hotels and restaurants want 'exotic' beers which are not broadly available in retail or chain restaurant or pub outlets.

If you'd like to tap into our pool of brewing knowledge with a view to to selling your product or ingredient into Europe – or, indeed, if you're a European importer looking for that happening new beverage – give Ted Horton a shout.

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