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We're off to Fi Europe in Frankfurt

There's just no telling what ingredients will make their appearance at Fi Europe 2017. At the last Show, in 2015, the Ingredients in Action showcase included a functional beverage with spirulina, various energy drinks with unusual flavours (e.g. cinnamon), coconut chips, a juice meal alternative with coconut milk for satiety, and a snacking bar made with cricket protein.

Could this year's event turn up even more innovative products? Of course, it will. You can't keep a good ingredient innovator down, of that we're sure.

The New product Zone showcases product innovations from leading industry players and provides a great opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction to the market that they're looking for. Popular with visitors and the press, this Zone has become a must for anyone in the nutrition industry looking for fresh ideas.

There's all that and much more, and TradeScope will be dancing the light fantastic around the whole Show so, if you'd like first hand info or an intro to a new supplier or buyer, e-mail Ted Horton and say so!

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