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Craft Beer Rising is buzzy

Craft Beer Rising is a great show. Located in the trendy Truman's Brewery on Brick Lane in London, the show is a must for breweries wanting to display their craft beer credentials to pub and restaurant chains, and wholesalers.

There are 150 breweries exhibiting at the show. There were two trade sessions (Thursday and Friday afternoons) and four public / consumers sessions (Thursday and Friday evenings, Saturday afternoon and evening). Beer samples are offered free of charge during the trade sessions and beer is sold during the public sessions at pub rates.

There is a great vibe at the show. The craft beer world attracts a fun and easy going crowd. People are there to have fun and it shows!

TradeScope is helping a few US breweries to exhibit and meet buyers at the show. Both breweries have signed on with importers while at the show. Excellent US beer crossing the Atlantic for placement in trendy pubs and hotels around London!

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