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The best European foodservice show is happening in Lyon from 21-25 January 2017

SIRHA, the best foodservice trade show in Europe, takes place in Lyon January 21-25. It happens every two years. In 2015, It was bigger than we expected: there were 6 exhibition halls. The show was busy with many congested aisles.

Some of the notable categories by rough percentage of show:

  • 30% food of many different types

  • 10% bakery products

  • 10% chocolate and other confectionery

  • 20% equipment

  • 15% furniture and restaurant / kitchen utensils

  • 10% coffee

  • 5% wine

Strangely, there were only 4 exhibitors from North America, of which 2 were from the United States and 2 from Canada. The US exhibitors were US Pistachios and an frozen orange juice company from Florida.

Hope to see you there!

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