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Talking Shop at Food Matters Live

TradeScope visited Food Matters Live at Excel in London last Thursday. It was a strange trade show in that the exhibitors all in one hall encompassed so many different food and beverage sectors in roughly the same representation: natural and organic packaged food (small innovative companies and wholesalers), mainstream ingredients, additives, functional food ingredients, university food nutrition programmes, food research and standards, publications and packaging.

Still an intriguing stroll. Exhibitors report that the strength of the show is in the seminars. Food Matters Live is one of the only talking shops for the industry and a chance to mull over issues which impact food and beverage manufacturers, logistics, wholesalers and retailers.

The other strength is the audience. Exhibitors also report that there aren’t many buyers at the show but there are representatives from other branches of the large retailer corporates, such as marketing, new product development and food science. They come to the show to participate in the seminars and to view what innovation is on offer at all levels.

The show is certainly worth a visit. The jury is still out on exhibiting. We will try to track results from a number of exhibitor contacts. Upon reflection, we should have signed up for some of the seminars.

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