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A review of massive Fruit Logistica

The Fruit Logistica show was again impressive for its size and breadth in terms of international exhibitors and fresh produce categories.

Fruit Logistica is one of the largest food shows in the world. There were 2800 exhibitors from 135 countries across 27 halls. Many of the country pavilions were stunning: a lot of design time and money was poured into making some country pavilion stand out. Spain was especially impressive in that at least six of its growing regions (eg, Valencia, Catalonia) had their own pavilions.

The US and Canadian pavilions were small compared to most country pavilions. Many of the US exhibitors were trade associations and regional groups, including SUSTA, US Apple Export Council, California Table Grape Commission, USA Pears, Northwest Cherry Growers and the Washington Apple Commission.

There were a few dried fruit and nut producers exhibiting but they were few and far between. In the US pavilion, Wonderful and Bard Valley Date Growers were the only dried fruit and nut exhibitors.

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