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TradeScope visits Sirha Food Service Show in Lyon, France

We went to the SIRHA show in Lyon today. It was bigger than we expected; there were 6 exhibition halls. The show was busy with many congested aisles.

Some of the notable categories by rough percentage of show:

  • 30% food of many different types

  • 10% bakery products

  • 10% chocolate and other confectionery

  • 20% equipment

  • 15% furniture and restaurant / kitchen utensils

  • 10% coffee

  • 5% wine

Strangely, there were only 4 exhibitors from North America, of which 2 were from the United States and 2 from Canada. The US exhibitors were US Pistachios and an frozen orange juice company from Florida. There could be an opportunity for US foodservice suppliers to exhibit at this show.

There is no SIRHA in 2016. They operate on alternate years.

The next one is 2017.

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