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Are you in the market for Medjool dates?

A naturally sweet, whole fresh fruit, Medjool dates grow and ripen at the top of lofty date palms. This whole, fresh fruit gets its natural sweetness from abundant sunshine and not much else – which makes California the ideal source of Medjool dates.

TradeScope is currently working with a major Californian exporter of both organic and traditional Medjool dates who will provide a consistent and reliable supply at competitive prices.

Photo of plantation of Medjool date palms in California

TradeScope's Ted Horton and Jörg van Wershofen have already made some waves among prospective buyers in the UK, Germany, France and The Netherlands. If you're interested in the best Medjool dates at a competitive price point, please get in touch with Ted or Jörg. Go on, make a date with Medjool destiny.

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