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When small-scale makes it big

For anyone who cares about the quality of the food they eat, the welfare of those who produce it and the sustainability of the food chain and environment in which it is produced, Wild Planet Foods is a company to which you should pay close attention. Here is just one of the FAQs on their website:

#5: What is Wild Planet’s position on the safety and welfare of the fishing and cannery labor we use to produce our products?

Recent news reports have brought attention to the heinous practice of forced and slave labor present aboard some Thailand-flagged fishing vessels operating multi-nationally. Wild Planet only buys seafood products from smaller-scale local vessels fishing in their own domestic waters. This is a positive benefit of our 100% pole and line sourcing policy. We do not buy from the large-scale fishing operations plying international waters. Our fish are caught aboard vessels fishing in compliance with local employment laws and discharging their catch in local, domestic ports. Further addressing labor issues, our international processing facilities are subject to annual Code of Conduct audits by third party firms for compliance with country-specific social welfare standards and labor laws and regulations. Every business at each stage of our supply chain, from fishery to sales in the U.S and abroad is verified for compliance.

TradeScope is proud of its association with Wild Planet and we recommend you read all of their FAQs here.

As a bonus, they feature some amazing recipes on their website that will be sure to get you salivating – and cooking!

Wild Planet Tuna is Ranked #1 for Sustainability by Greenpeace.

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