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Wild Planet only sells tuna caught one-by-one

Wild Planet Foods supports the International Pole and Line Foundation's (IPNLF) Social Sustainability Manifesto For One-By-One Tuna Fisheries as set out on their website here.

Graphic poster of IPNLF's manifesto for illustrative purposes

The purpose of the manifesto is summed up in its first two paragraphs: This Manifesto proclaims IPNLF’s belief that by developing, supporting and promoting one-by-one tuna fisheries in tandem with harnessing the positive influence of the market to increase demand for these products, we will deliver social benefits to coastal communities connected to these tuna fisheries.This is because one-by-one tuna fisheries are people-centric; they support livelihoods in coastal communities throughout the world, providing jobs, nutrition, and a model to sustain tuna fisheries and the marine environment. For many coastal communities, one-by-one fishing methods provide an opportunity to develop a profitable and socially responsible domestic fishery sector, while supporting employment, food security, traditional cultures and livelihoods.

That's pretty commendable in TradeScope's book and that of its client, Wild Planet Foods, 100% of whose tuna are caught one at a time by pole and line and trolling; these methods catch only smaller migratory fish, that are lower in mercury.

It's worth noting that, according to INPLF:

  • One-by-one tuna fishing provides critical sources of protein, livelihoods, and income, particularly in developing coastal states.

  • One-by-one tuna fishing methods minimise environmental impacts and promote sustainable exploitation of shared marine resources.

  • One-by-one tuna fisheries are characterised by local ownership, fishing closer to shore and for shorter lengths of time, which contribute to securing decent work conditions and lowering the risk of human rights abuses.

  • One-by-one tuna fishing methods have been practiced for hundreds of years by many coastal communities throughout the world.

  • Women participate throughout one-by-one supply chains both directly and indirectly, but frequently their roles are undervalued by private stakeholders and overlooked by public policies.

If you're interested in learning more about IPNLF or Wild Planet Foods, go to their website or contact Ted Horton at TradeScope here.

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