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Wild Planet does the planet proud!

TradeScope is delighted to announce that its client, Wild Planet Foods, has been honoured with two awards by Whole Foods Market - Global Supplier of the Year AND Environmental Stewardship.

Video of Bill Carvalho, founder and president of Wild Planet Foods.

The annual awards recognise suppliers that embody Whole Foods Market’s mission and values through a proven commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, organic integrity, innovation, and partnership.

“We are honoured to be selected as Supplier of the Year and deeply gratified to also receive the Environmental Stewardship award,” stated Bill Carvalho, founder and president of Wild Planet Foods. “These two awards acknowledge Wild Planet’s commitment to promoting the health of living resources. It has been a pleasure to partner these last 15 years with Whole Foods, who has demonstrated strong leadership in protecting this wild planet.”

This video, created by Whole Foods Market and narrated by Bill Carvalho, exemplifies Wild Planet’s mission, who they are and how they're offering the best choices of sustainable products.

This honour couldn't have been received at a more meaningful time - as World Tuna Day is recognised on May 2. In 2016, the United Nations designated May 2 as World Tuna Day to honour the people working in a global effort to promote sustainable tuna fishing practices and the viability of wild tuna stocks.

If you'd like to know which outlets stock Wild Planet tuna in the UK, drop Ted Horton a line here.

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