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UK food warehousing comes under strain as no-deal Brexit looms

According to an article in The Guardian late last year. The UK was fast running out of warehousing space as food and beverage producers, importers and retailers raced to stockpile enough goods to get them past at least the immediate aftermath of Brexit. This applies to European and US exporters as well. We can testify that there is very little space left in the country as of today.

Thankfully for TradeScope's US client, San Saba Pecan, we were able to use our considerable resources and contacts in the trade to find some excellent cold storage facilities on their behalf. These facilities will enable JIT delivery of pallets of high quality American pecans to anywhere in the UK, direct from the processor.

Click here if you'd like to talk to Ted Horton about your dried fruit and nut import/export requirements including how to launch them into the UK.

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