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TradeScope helps Wild Planet tuna gain ground quickly in the UK

The main reason for this is taste.

A vast majority of UK tinned tuna brands are double cooked, once before canning and once after canning. In the first cook, the tuna loses a lot of its key nutritional content, including Omega-3 oils. Wild Planet tuna is cooked only once in its own juices after canning. Hence, it tastes a better and has more nutrition value. In fact, Wild Planet tuna has twice the Omega-3 oils compared to most other UK brands.

Another reason is sustainability. Wild Planet tuna is 100% pole and line, and is rated No. 1 by Greenpeace in the USA. Evidently, consumers are recognising the superior taste of this sustainably sourced tuna.

TradeScope has assisted Wild Planet Foods to gain traction in the UK market – Whole Foods Market UK has carried 4 Wild Planet tuna SKUs for the past 18 months, and online UK supermarket Ocado took on the same SKUs in October 2018. Another UK supermarket is launching Wild Planet in early 2019.

If you'd like to know more about Wild Planet tuna and/or how TradeScope can help you get your product into UK and European markets, please contact Ted Horton here.

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