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US almond producers under fire as trade war escalates

According to the Independent Online, China has raised tariffs on almonds, among other foodstuffs and goods, by 15%. It notes that this will most likely hit US almond farmers hard.

Of course, we're inclined to agree and are moved to suggest that those farmers must seek to sell their produce into other countries. TradeScope specialises in bringing North American food & beverages to European markets so, naturally, we feel that this is where opportunity knocks best.

There's a distinct possibility that in the event of an escalation of any trade war with China—or any other country, for that matter—US producers of a range of dried fruit and nuts will come under increasing fire.

If you're a US food & beverage producer, it's no good keeping your head beneath the parapet so get in touch with Ted Horton at TradeScope to find out how we can move your goods into European markets.

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