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The Wild Way is the Best Way

TradeScope client, Wild Planet Foods, is committed to looking for ways to maximize the health and resources of our planet and so boost its food production output and its ability to sustain harvesting. Wild Planet stands for a balance between producing healthy food while at the same time maintaining a flourishing planet. That's what they like to call the WILD WAY.

TradeScope can attest to Wild Planet's commitment to their mission. But don't take our word for it – Wild Planet sources albacore and skipjack tuna only from pole and troll fisheries. Numerous fleets around the world use this artisanal small-scale method and deserve support. This catch method is considered a best choice in harvest technique by a consensus of international environmental organizations studying the issue, including The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch ® Program, Greenpeace and Fishwise.

Above all, NO PURSE SEINE or LONG-LINE CAUGHT TUNA is used in Wild Planet's product line.

TradeScope is wild about Wild Planet Foods and looks forward to increasing their footprint in Europe as time goes on.

Contact Ted Horton if you'd like to know more about Wild Planet Foods' product range.

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