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Wildly Tasty: Wild Planet's Favorite Tuna Recipes!

At Wild Planet, we’re lucky enough to have our products regularly featured in some of the most mouthwatering recipes created by the best bloggers and recipe developers on the web. In today’s blog post, we’re showing our gratitude by sharing a few of our favorite blogger recipes featuring our Wild Albacore and Wild Skipjack Tuna. Dig in and let us know what you think!

Tuna casseroles, tuna salad and tuna melts are both staples – and for good reason. These recipes are loved for their simplicity and the fact that they are affordable and easy to make.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to being an classic as many individuals deem these recipes boring and lacking diversity. That’s why, in our roundup of favorite recipes, you’ll notice that each selection puts a flavor-packed spin on tradition; thus, restoring each dish’s reputation and giving both an entirely new identity!

Below you’ll find each recipe sorted by dish. We did our best to provide an array of options keeping diet, lifestyle preferences and taste profile in mind. Check it out!

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