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SweetLeaf Stevia for Weight Control

Today’s hectic lifestyle has us rushing to meet both personal and professional demands, which, for many of us, has made fast food a regular part of our daily routine. When we’re not rushing to appointments, we’re spending sedentary hours at our computers. The combination has contributed to an obesity epidemic.

SweetLeaf Stevia® Sweetener assists in responsible weight loss by adding a touch of natural sweetness to foods and beverages so you can continue to enjoy a daily treat without compromising your weight-loss program or adding unwanted chemicals to your diet.

Being aware of what you are eating is the first step in any weight-loss program. The first change to your diet should be to include more whole foods and few, if any, processed foods. A successfully revised diet is a permanent lifestyle change, not a temporary adjustment. By developing a healthy relationship with food, you will be more likely to reach your ideal weight while maintaining the energy to exercise.

Reducing calorie intake requires maintaining nutritional balance. Adding healthy foods to your diet while limiting or eliminating other foods should be done with forethought, and planning. Foods with a low glycemic response are healthier and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Research the foods that will benefit your personal goals and plan meals around those you prefer.

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