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Wild Planet No. 1 in Greenpeace US 2017 Tuna Brand Sustainability Rankings

MCKINLEYVILLE, CA – For the second time in a row, Wild Planet Foods has been named by Greenpeace as the #1 tuna brand for sustainable sourcing policy in the organization’s biennial Tuna Rankings, which ranks 20 popular canned tuna brands based on their level of sustainable sourcing, fairness and ethical practices for both oceans and seafood workers.

Wild Planet Foods, which is the fourth largest canned seafood brand in the US, has been committed to sustainable sourcing and ethical productions since its inception in 2001. Since then, the company has dedicated its resources to producing high quality, innovative sustainably sourced products and in educating both consumers and retailers about eco-friendly choices.

To read the full Greenpeace ‘Tuna Shopping Guide’ click For more information about Wild Planet Foods, its mission, products and sustainability practices, please visit

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