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Wagons roll! From the sands of New Mexico to the snows of Colorado

Photo of group of TradeScope's European beverage buyers in a brewery tasting

From TradeScope's Ted Horton in the field: We had a great trip to New Mexico with a group of European beverage buyers. We saw some impressive spirits, beer and wine innovation, with Mimosas proving a big hit. In fact, our Norwegian buyer is already processing an order with a fine New Mexico producer.

We departed New Mexico for snow-clad Colorado. Colorado is the largest beer producing state in the country and we are seeing some excellent craft beer and craft beer distilleries here. We had an evening with the Denver Beer Company yesterday evening at their vibey tap room. We can personally recommend their fine beers!

We know we keep banging on about this but it's worth reiterating time and again that TradeScope has found trade missions like this to be the best way of developing meaningful and productive relationships between producers and buyers. Contact Ted Horton (UK) or Jörg van Wershofen (Germany) to learn more about upcoming trips.

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