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TradeScope trade mission results in $4.5m almond sale

TradeScope has helped bring producers and buyers together for some years now and we've had some notable successes from our annual trip to California and New Mexico with the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA®).

One success demonstrates (yet again) the value of these trade missions and the one-on-one relationships that are built as a result of them – in this case a California handler offered a Dutch snack manufacturer a seat at his table at the Almond Board Gala dinner and the subsequent sale of 20 containers of almonds to the gentleman from the Netherlands, who shelled out approximately $4.5 million for the shipment.

If you're interested in selling dried fruit and nut products into Europe or buying them from the USA, get hold of Ted Horton at TradeScope now for info on how to get on board one of our trade missions.

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