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Fast Approaching: Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London

The Speciality & Fine Food Fair 3-5 September at London Olympia is fast approaching. TradeScope will be exhibiting there with one of our clients.

One of the key strengths of the show is that most speciality / premium wholesalers exhibit at the show. If you have a new product, there are opportunities to run your product by the likes of Cotswold Fayre, Hider, Diverse and Empire Bespoke, as well as 3-4 others.

The visitors are a mixed bunch. The main visitor type is independent speciality retailers (farm shops, delis, fine food). This can be useful if you have a buzzy product because you can secure a list of interested independent retailers, which can be useful when approaching speciality / premium wholesalers.

There is also an occasional gem, such as supermarket chain buyer, but they are few and far between. Most supermarket buyers do not attend this show.

As with any exhibition, you have a large number of individuals looking for free food samples or selling services.

The show is made up of two large floors. The ground floor is main country pavilions. Cotswold Fayre, one of the more established wholesalers in the premium sector, has a pavilion in which they secure 20-30 of their suppliers exhibit under their umbrella.

There is a large chocolate area on the first floor, as well as many smaller producers stalls.

All in all, a good show.

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